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Welcoming Bec Brittain at Colony

Aries Rising Capricorn, Bec Brittain's newest collection of work is an unpredictable and unmistakably hand "drawn" series of lighting now on view at Colony.


I felt strongly compelled to create work that reflected a gestural drawing or a sculpture practice more than the precision typical of my design practice. I was very inspired by the singularity of each person's mark when they draw and wanted to incorporate my hand into the work.
-Bec Brittain


Please join us in welcoming Bec to our cooperative of independent American designers. We are so excited to share this new work and her entire collection with you.

Aries RC IV by Bec Brittain
Aries RC II by Bec Brittain
Aries RC V by Bec Brittain
Aries RC I by Bec Brittain

View Full Collection Here


Photography: David Mitchell