The Conception Series

the conception series

conception00A newly envisioned design program, The Conception Series works to introduce the international design market to emerging American talent. Through a series of pop-up exhibits and exclusive, limited edition collections, the Series ushers forth a new generation of designers, artists and makers into the contemporary design vernacular of today.

Working from a rich foundation of curation, exhibit design, design education and collaborative design development, Colony works with a tightly curated selection of young designers guiding them through a vigorous curriculum of product development and design entrepreneurship. Each curriculum culminates in an exclusive collection, exhibit and a moment of true discovery for the greater design community.



line shortestMorris Adjmi Architects
60 Broad Street, 32nd FL


November 14, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 pm


View collection here

Nina Cho is an artist and designer, currently based in Detroit. Nina was born in the United States and raised in Korea, where she studied Woodworking and Furniture design at Korea’s art school, Hong-Ik University. She then earned an MFA in 3D Design at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in the United States. Her newest collection of mirrors reflects Nina’s design philosophy, a minimalist approach to design. “Through practicing the beauty of the void, I can respect not only the object itself but also the negative space that object created.”


Morris Adjmi Architects is built on a foundation of four distinct but complementary practices: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Art. As a model for the interaction between these practices, MA Art organizes regular exhibitions within its office in downtown Manhattan, featuring artists and designers whose work stimulates and enlivens the discussion central to MA’s mission. This holistic approach to design and art, and MA’s gallery space with soaring views of our magnificent city serves as the perfect backdrop to celebrate Conception 02 | Nina Cho.  We hope that you’ll join us.


Colony presents Conception 02 | Nina Cho at Morris Adjmi Architects.



line shortestINC Architecture & Design
150 Varick Street, 5th floor


January 17, 2019
6:00 – 9:00 pm


View collection here.

With her precise weaving skill and her unwavering design intention, we see Molly Haynes’ entrée into the contemporary design elite as an inevitability. Molly’s education at Rhode Island School of Design and her continued design work at Pollack Textiles is the foundation on which Molly builds her instinctual artistry. Within her Controlled Landscape series you will find the work of both a disciplined technician and a free spirit, whose sculptural textiles embody the sublime simplicity of natural phenomena— wind blowing over a marsh, linear shadows, geological formations.


INC’s architectural and interiors work ranges from the lauded 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge to The Line DC and most recently Momofuku Noodle Bar. Yet the space that principals Adam Rolston, Gabe Benroth and Drew Stuart created for themselves and their team of 40 architects and designers cannot be matched. Sitting unassumingly five floors above the corner of Varick and Spring, INC’s office is at once towering and intimately warm, a celebration of design that we have the great fortune to share with you for the launch of The Conception Series.


Colony presents Conception 01 | Controlled Landscapes by Molly Haynes at INC Architecture and Design.

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