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The Conception Series 02: Nina Cho

Nina Cho is an artist and designer, currently based in Detroit. Nina was born in the United States and raised in Korea, where she studied woodworking and furniture design at Korea’s art school, Hong-Ik University. She then earned an MFA in 3D Design at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

The Maung Maung mirrors reflects Nina’s design philosophy, a minimalist approach to design. “Through practicing the beauty of the void, I can respect not only the object itself but also the negative space that object created.”

Since launching Maung Maung mirrors with Colony in 2019, Nina has been awarded the NYCxDESIGN award for best accessories collection and the American Design Honors award presented by Wanted Design and Bernhardt Design.


A newly envisioned design program, The Conception Series works to introduce the international design market to emerging American talent. Through a series of pop-up exhibits and exclusive, limited edition collections, the Series ushers forth a new generation of designers, artists and makers into the contemporary design vernacular of today.

Working from a rich foundation of curation, exhibit design, design education and collaborative design development, Colony works with a tightly curated selection of young designers guiding them through a vigorous curriculum of product development and design entrepreneurship. Each curriculum culminates in an exclusive collection, exhibit and a moment of true discovery for the greater design community.