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Paolo Ferrari has executed some of the world’s most prestigious projects. From his work with Four Seasons & Viceroy Hotels, to an upcoming luxury department store in Paris, his tenure as a Design Director for one of the world’s leading luxury firms left an indelible mark. Studio Paolo Ferrari excels in creating expressive environments, rooted in design strategy, integrity and strength in simplicity. Paolo continues to serve global leaders at the helm of his namesake studio, developing and executing design concepts for premium international brands.

Editions Paolo Ferrari is contemporary furniture collection founded in 2016 and handcrafted in Canada. Conceptually driven, each Edition is a collection of unified objects in dialogue with one another. Simplicity and refinement are core tenants, and the duality between the sculptural and formal serve as key areas of exploration.

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Ame Natural by Studio Paolo Ferrari
Facet Mirror by Studio Paolo Ferrari
Extra Rolled Back Lounge by Studio Paolo Ferrari

“I’m always drawn to furniture that strikes an unexpected balance between the new and familiar,” says Paolo Ferrari. His collection of Editions embodies just that; he is drawn to design staple pieces like the lounge chair while paying close attention to their body and form. This attention often results in sculptural pieces that could easily hold the focal point of a room. The exceptional finishing and materiality allows for playful details, like the oversized velvet arms that take the role of legs on the Extra Rolled Back Lounge, to remain elegant.

Another defining feature of Ferrari’s collection is the unity within each edition. The designer often explores a concept across multiple products, like layered upholstery on both a dining chair and bench for example. While beautiful and often show-worthy, the finished pieces themselves are designed to be enjoyed. In this way, Paolo Ferrari is creating a contemporary series of icons; a lasting collection that is meant to to endure for years to come.

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