Walling Rug

A one-of-a-kind braided mixed material rug inspired by dry stacked stone walls. Handmade in New England by a mill with 30 years of manufacturing experience, this unique rug is braided and stitched together using natural undyed Canadian wool, polypropylene and Sunbrella yarns. The collaged shapes bring together a mix of stripes, tweeds and solids. Made as a one-off and custom options are possible. Custom materials, dimensions and finishes availableInquire

  • 155.5"L x 134"W
  • As Shown: Undyed Canadian wool, Polypropylene, Sunbrella yarns
  • Lead Time: 16-18 weeks


Lands Rug

A large braided wool rug made using the same fabrication technique as the Pool Rug series, but with a form inspired by aerial landscapes and crop circles. The alternating stripes in the Lands Rug map out the composition of shapes with each changing direction. Custom materials, dimensions and finishes availableInquire

  • Large: 8'W x 13'2.5"L
  • Small: 6'W x 9'L
  • As Shown: Natural wool (Cream/Wheat)
  • Lead Time: 10-12 weeks


Duo Rug

A braided wool rug composed of a simple circle and oval shape bound together. Each shape in the Duo Rug explores a subtle contrast in braiding technique with the circle made of a flat braid coil and the oval made of cable lock braided rows with a contrasting zig zag stitch. Custom materials, dimensions and finishes availableInquire

In Stock available: (1) Cream
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  • 8'W x 10'9"L
  • As Shown: Natural wool (Cream)
  • Lead Time: 10-12 weeks


Pool Rug

Inspired by the historic making technique of colonial American braided rugs, the Pool rug series dramatically updates the silhouette while still paying homage to tradition. Careful attention to detail creates special textural changes throughout the piece, while the overall composition breaks with the rectangular shape of a standard rug. Custom materials, dimensions and finishes available. Inquire

  • Large: 8'2"W x 11'5"L
  • Small: 5'W x 7'L
  • As Shown: Natural wool (Light Grey)
  • Lead Time: 10-12 weeks

Meg Callahan

Shaved Cowhide Rug Collection

The Shaved Cowhide Rug Collection is an experiment in creating textural patterns sensitive to individual hides’ characteristics. Each unique piece is designed in respect to the hide’s color, hair length, and shape. Inquire

  • Sizes vary depending on hide.
  • As shown: Hair-on cowhide
  • Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

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